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Kid's Box 3



Unit Key language Key vocabulary  Additional language Content lessons
Hello, Goodbye, What’s
your name? My name’s
... How old are you? I’m
(eight). I like (reading).
What’s … called? She’s /
He’s / It’s called … , have
present continuous
for present actions
comic, greenhouse, Lock
and Key, detective agency,
magnifying glass, brushes,
joke, fur

Brainbox, playroom,
cupboard, shelf, hockey,
photograph, badminton,
Sorry we can’t answer the
phone at the moment. Please
leave a message. We’ve got
work to do.
possessive ’s, present
continuous for present
actions, present simple,
like, love, enjoy + -ing /
nouns, want + infi nitive,
short answers Yes, I do /
No, I don’t
aunt, uncle, daughter, son,
granddaughter, grandson,
grandparent, parent, children,
grandparents, grandchildren,
good at, science, doctor,
naughty, quiet, towel,
clever, at the shops, read
about, catch, beard, curly,
fair, moustache, straight,
hair, farmer, people, pet
thief, dirty, jacket, private
chess, really + adjective,
because, but, and, need, all
day, tractor, boots, 16,000
years old, France, Lascaux
cave, Spanish, American,
Turkish, both, Goya, Monet,
Vigée Le Brun, Picasso, Da
Vinci, Van Gogh, paintbrush,
so easy, We can find him.
Look at that! episode, Do you
remember? Fold the page.
descriptions of
paintings, paintings,
portraits, artist,
self portrait, still life
Home sweet
description of a house/
fl at, numbers 21–100,
present continuous
for present actions,
prepositions: above,
below, between, next to, at
city, town, village, country,
street, balcony, basement,
downstairs, lift, floor,
home, stairs, upstairs, flat
(apartment), block of flats
(apartment block), need,
address, move house, pear,
lovely, torch
home sweet home, hit your
head, at home, What about
you?, where we’re at, here,
same, different, order,
difficult to carry, types of,
today, use, Do you know that
... ? dream house, apple tree,
plants, flowers, place, phone
number, There you are.
half, go up, tree house,
yurt, igloo, island, ladder,
goat, camel, skin, cover,
mat, cook, look for,
temperatures, Inuit,
Mongolia, Mongolian,
Asia, Korowai, Papua
New Guinea, Australia,
Canada, Greenland,
minus (45), inside,
outside, bricks, wood,
snow, made from,
mistakes, houseboat,
radio, escalator
Units 1 and 2
procedural language
for games
Wanted!, armchair  This picture is different …  
A day in
the life
present simple for
routines: statements
and questions, How
often ... ?
, frequency
adverbs: always,
sometimes, never,
every day
get dressed, get undressed,
get up, wake up, put on, take
off, wash, go to bed/school,
have a shower, wake up,
come home, have breakfast/
lunch/dinner, before, after,
during, days of the week,
week, weekend, show,
Everybody knows … , reporter
a day in the life, pyjamas,
bedtime, catches the bus,
first, then, on the way, lessons
start, out to play, same,
different, routine, siren, Do
you know that … ?, not well,
part of … , fire station, fire
engine, fire hose, surgery,
out of his depth, refl ectors,
jacket, pedestrian crossing,
headphones, parked cars, a
grown up, follow, tell
job, teacher, dentist,
police officer, fire
fighter, nurse, uniform,
accident, special clothes,
stop, safe, mask, bad,
hospital, imperatives for
warnings: Remember …
Don’t play … , dangerous,
seat belt, Remember to
… , driver, rivers, lakes,
handcuffs, thermometer,
tractor, bright colours
In the city
prepositions: near,
infi nitive of
purpose: You go there
to buy food. must
obligation, impersonal you,
can for permission
bank, bus station, café,
cinema, hospital, library,
market, shop, sports centre,
supermarket, swimming pool,
fruit, vegetables, money,
CD, fl owers, study, exam,
tomorrow, tidy, untidy, bank
robber, look for, Hands up!
Give me …

cool, over here, see you,
borrow (books), High Street,
volleyball, book on doctors,
book about football, now,
What else … ? the fi rst people
to use metal coins lived … ,
money box, fi nd a time,
I really need … , so
money, currency, coins,
notes, pence, pound, add,
take away (subtract),
price, pay, metal, Middle
East, How much … ?,
total, menu, money and
prices, digital radio,
digital camera, a watch,
shopping list
Units 3 and 4
procedural language for
games, instructions,
go to …
checks teeth, sheep, cows    
Fit and well
What’s the matter (with
you/him/her/them)? I’m
not very well.
positive and
negative obligations, must,
permission: can /
clauses with when
cold, cough, stomach-ache,
headache, temperature,
toothache, back, shoulder,
backache, earache, hurt,
Good morning, meal, get, pick
up, healthy, hop, skip, climb,
soccer, look after, rich
My head hurts, degrees,
any, fit, tissues, bandages,
medicine, says, It’s very
important to … , Don’t stop
until you drop. Let’s have a
good time. Come on. stapler,
party, waiter
the right food,
vegetables, pieces, bad
for … , exercise, rest, a
good idea to … , fresh air,
relax, move, fit, well
A day in the

present continuous
for narrating a story,
suggestions and offers:
Shall I … ?
rhyming words, field, forest,
grass, lake, leaf, picnic, plant,
river, country, countryside,
duck, on the ground, free
time, adjectives: bad, cold,
fat, hot, hungry, loud, quiet,
strong, thirsty, tired, thin,
weak; skin, angry, plate, bowl,
packet, lost, bottle, start
part, on the ground, stay,
other, blanket, towel, at
the moment, because, so,
baby cow, everywhere, that,
sunfl ower, turn, during the
day, cut the top of … , Please
go and ask her. too, Don’t
be silly.

air, to breathe, seeds,
roots, material, oxygen,
cotton wool, sunlight,
mango, lentil, bean,
pea, watch, experiment
carbon dioxide,
Units 5 and 6
procedural language for
adventure, explore, umbrella,
differences, place
choose, so, remember to... ,
odd one out
World of
adjective order,
comparative of common
irregular and one- and
two-syllable regular
adjectives, bad/worse,
good/bad, -y, -ier, -er,

doubling of consonants:
dolphin, kangaroo, lion,
panda, shark, whale, parrot,
bear, bat, insect, pouch, quick,
the Internet, jungle, than,
kitten, rock, island, the (white)
one, both, fi ne, offi ce, the
wrong man

China, like you, mammal,
reptile, so, key words, What
does it look like?, kilometres,
in an hour, defi nition, quickly,
sort, letter, centre, in town,

Madagascar, habitat,
island, Africa, Indian
Ocean, cave, snow,
ring-tailed lemur,
I think … , fast
past simple affirmative
and negative: was,
wasn’t, were, weren’t; It’s
(snowing, cold, wet, windy).
What’s the weather like
(at the beach)?
weather, weather report,
weatherman, cloud, cloudy,
hot, sun, sunny, rain, rainbow,
snow, wet, wind, windy, today,
yesterday, last weekend,
sweater, scarf, coat, ready,
because, fi ne (for weather),
very, no (wind), really, at
home, all morning, much
better, wasn’t any sun,
weren’t any children, wasn’t
much fun, Birmingham,
England, names of musical
instruments, electronic piano,
rice, beans, bottle with a
lid, more or less, learn, dear,
letter, See you soon. At what
time … ?
biggest orchestra,
instrument, drums,
keyboard, brass,
percussion, strings,
woodwind, composer,
pop, folk, classical, jazz,
snowman, violin, drums,
electric guitar, flute,
Units 7 and 8

procedural language
for games