UpWord English

Kid's Box 5

Unit Key language Key vocabulary Pronunciation Content lessons
Welcome to
our ezine
present simple for routines,
Iike + -ing,'d like, guestion
words, short answers,
present simple / present
continuous, defi nitions, yes/no
questions and short answers,
Hello, Hi, Nice to meet you,
Let's ... , Shall we ... ?
We can ... , Show what you know, so, before
school subjects, numbers,
adjectives, ezine, internet
magazine, competition, prize,
second Ianguage, dictionary,
exam, Computer studies,
syllable, timetable, alphabet,
exercise, capital letter, full
stop, Diggory Bones, dig,
rocks, stones, archaeoIogy,
archaeologist, sir, dinosaur,
skeleton, ancient, The Rosetta Stone, program

rhyming words,
words with one,
two, three and
four syllables

Time for
present simpIe for routines,
past simple questions and
affirrmative, comparative and
superlative adjectives, telling
the time
time: o,clock, past (e.g.
ten, quarter, halfl, to (e.g.
quarter, twenty), midnight;
TV programmes: cartoon,
weather, documentary, comedy,
news, quiz, sport; series, TV
channel, episode, music videos,
action flms, interesting,
exciting, boring, good, bad,
funny, turn on, wait, review,
TV screen, cameroman, thief,
password, treasure, reporter
the phoneme /t-1/ cartoons and animation,
webtoon, longest running,
animation, image, frames, cells,
hand-drawn, per(second), clear
plastic, save time, movements,
method, special techniques,
are made, were made, are called,
What are they called?
could, artist, prefer, comic,
The Simpsons, Wallace and Gromit,
animated, timeline, flipbook,
less (drawing), introduction,
find out, sound, 3D, pronunciation
of years, e.g. 1910, 1990s

People at work
plans, intentions and
predictions: going to
(affirmative, negative,
interrogative), present
evidence: going to, question
words: where, who, when, what
time ... ?
, presenl continuous,
present simple, telling the time
jobs: nurse, firefighter,
teacher, dentist, driver, dancer,
skater, writer, singer, painter,
photographer, farmer, tennis
player, runner, swimmer, actor,
pilot, police offcer, journalist,
footbalIer, cook, mechanic,
sports commentator, secretary,
typist, scientist; burn down,
exhibition, novel, overalls, a
uniform, a mask, to lie down,
word stress, syllable stress,
strong, weak, apostrophe,
clown, pirate, must, brush (her)
teeth, show, good rules, diary
' photograph, phot'ographer,
rhyming words, word and
syllable stress: strong and
weak forms

teeth and their structure:
toothbrush, hog, teeth, milk teeth
permanent, molars,
wisdom teeth, incisosrs, caniens,
premolars, chew, tear, flat(ter)
swallow, crown, root, gum,
enamel, twice, tusk, lose, tooth care,

sugary, healthy, between,
diet, rinse, cavity (cavities),
circular, fluoride, experiment,
tongue, then, lastly, next,
vinegar, eggs, minerals, acid,


Units 1 and 2
procedural language
for games
City life
directions, imperatives,
describing pictures
directions: right, left, straight
on, (at/on the) corner, past,
across, along, to be lost, turn,
trffic Iights, You are here,
outside, on the left/right, at
the end of; city: police station,
Scotland Yard, theatre, play (n),
stamps, post offce, are called,
hotel, airport, restaurant,
museum, castle, prison, queen,
black cab', deer, describing
pictures: in the background,
in the foreground, on the left,
on the right, at the top, at the
bottom; ancient world, cave,
the phoneme the history of cities around the world: continent, stone age)
cavemen, start to ... I ...-ing, stop
... -ing, trade (n, v\, industrial
revolution, safety, Pakistan, was
built, Rome, capital, republic,
empire, New York, Tokyo, ltaly,
North America, Asia, Europe,
Japan, Los Angeles, Washington
DC, Australia, France, Moscow,
Cairo, Saint Petersburg,
Mohenjo-Daro, lndus Valley,
Amazon Valley, was born,
Stratford Upon Avon, Romeo
and Juliet, Macbeth, Royal
Shakespeare Theatre
past simple and past
continuous, ordinals, months,
disaster, storm, island, beach,
catch fre, lightning, striped,
tights, feel ill, iceberg, storm,
hurricane, voIcano, erupt,
liquid rock, gos, earthquake,
destroy, tsunami, in, on (for
dates), months, diary, is called,
too dangerous, new year
weak forms (unstressed
syllables), strong forms (stressed
volcanoes, tsunami and
earthquakes: layer, crust,
continentaI crust, oceanic
crust, plates, plate boundary,
seismometer, tectonic, magmat
liquid rock, Iava, crater, vent,
baking soda, flour countries,
Richter Scale
Units 3 and 4
procedural language for
Material things
made of, made from, come
, describing objects
materials: brick, white,
chocolate, sugar, rubber, fur,
paper, bone, wood, stone,
grass, leaves, hair, rock,
animal hair, plastic, manmade,
factory, natural, wool, recycle,
metal, precious, minerals, gold,
cover (v), special, inside out,
protect, drop, mouse/mice, the
ground, sand, bear, palace,

homophones: wood/would,
write/ right, red/ read, hear/ here,
no/ know, through/ threw
plastics - how they are made
and why they are recycled:
plastic, decompose, recycle,
throw away, last (v), reuse,
basic material, celuloid, nylon,
Polyethylene, biodegradable,
diagram, packaging, third,
present passive for processes,
piece of, sort (v), squash, dry (v),
melt down, should, shouldn't,
flow chart, process


What does it/he/she feel/taste/
smell/look/sound like? lt/he/she
feeIs/ tastes/ smelIs/ looks/ sounds
like ... He/she feels/looks +

adjective, imperalives, going
ťo, wh-
questions, parts of
senses: touch, taste, smell,
sight, hearing; tongue, explore,
recipe, ingredients, flour, salt,
pepper, green pepper, knife,
fork, spoon, plate, salami,
sausage, onion, topping,
scissors, looks good, yeast,
mix, dough, base, pasta, hole,
in common, poem, diamond,
diamante, halves, a trap
the phonemes /z/ and /s/ optical illusions: brain, optical
iIlusion, study/ Iook more closely/
carefully, curtains, Donald Rust,
Salvador Dali, Mae West, Human
Condition, Rene Magritte
Units 5 and 6
procedural language for
Natural world
advice: shouId / shouIdn't, I
think we should/shouldn't ... ,
I agree, I don't agree.
natural world: nature, rubbish,
path, bull, bear, cow, tree, feld,
endangered species, stripes,
spots, zebra, forest, protect,
colIect, criticaIIy endangered,
rainforest, wing, extinct,
butterfly, national park,
poison, in danger, problem;

measurements, descri ptions,
numbers, female, ma!e,
bat, riverbank, habitat, You
can, collocations with and,
rucksack, full of, parents,
weak form of and: /n/ animal extinctions and the
extincion of the dinosaurs:
dinosaur, asteroid, species,
climate, disease, die out,
Tyrannosaurus Rex, Quagga,
Thylacine, outer space, theory,
fossils, fossilised, footprint,
track, muscle, organ,
soft (parts of th body), knead

World of sport
present perfect + short
answers to express: expenence
wilh ever, never, present
relevance, actions recently
completed following lt's the
frst time...
, regular and
irregular verbs, contrasting
uses of going to future with
present continuous and with
present perfect, past simple,
sports: golf, athletics,
snowboarding, skiing, sledging,
hill, season, spring, summer,
autumn, winter, tournament,
adult, celebrate, sports
equi pment, race against
the clock, find someone
who ... , invent, handball
past endings /id/ and /d/ Olympic Games: event,
Paralympics, disabiIity,
wheeI chair, Iogo, wreath,
olive tree, design, numbers,
defnitions, bat, racket, tandem,
Beijing, London, Greece, Athens,
medal, silver, gold, bronze, front,
back, 24-carat gold, % (per
cent), dragon, are made, must,
committee, Nike, stadium, jade,
precious stone, diameter
Units 7 and 8

procedural language
for games
describing pictures: in the
foreground, in the background,
in the centre, on the left, on
the right, on the left of... , on
the right of ...